We Are Digital Thinkers Who Put Authentic Connection First.

Northwest Media Collective is an award-winning, full-service digital agency located in downtown Vancouver, WA. We help our customers maximize their online value by cultivating world-class digital experiences that enable authentic connection. Our competitively priced web development, design, and marketing services meet the needs of both family-owned businesses and national enterprises.

The NWMC team in 2019




We want to partner with companies to build platforms which further their business and brand.



We partner with growing brands, managing multiple projects, to help achieve their goals.



We strive to be a reliable resource for brands who need assistance maintaining their digital presence.

Meet The Team

As a small agency focused on craftsmanship, we have to be experts in more than one area.

Angie is our liaison between customers and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs.
Angie Fernandez

Account Manager

Katie is right there on the front line of NW Media Collective, coordinating and managing client’s projects as well as overseeing the operations of the office as a whole, creating many of our office protocols and workflows that have increased development proficiency.
Katie Fennelly

Project Manager

Tannyr is a talented front end developer that’s passionate about the latest technology. He is a master of Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS. He always goes above and beyond; offering solutions to our clients that they did not even know existed before. A strong believer that less is more, he is passionate about solving problems through code.
Tannyr Ellingson

Web Developer

Web designers have a unique set of skills. They have to be highly digital and detail oriented, but also capable of thinking out how to compartmentalize information, so that your company’s story is presented both logically and in a visually compelling way.
Holly Stassens

Lead Developer

Andy is passionate not just about strategy, but about the research that underpins the best strategies, the narratives that propel them, and the systems that sustain them and create lasting change. He is highly adaptable, with a passion for problem solving and wide-ranging, detail-oriented knowledge base, and makes a unique asset to the NW Media Collective inc. team as a Full Stack Developer.
Andy Erickson

Full-Stack Developer

Belal is a developer specializing in back-end WordPress development. With years of experience in the industry, he has worked for companies large and small, on sites of all sizes, in the US, the UK, France, and Canada. Little known fact. He contributed to Facebook’s code.
Belal Sejouk

Web Developer

Kelsy Suski
A full-time freelancer and part-time globetrotter, Kelsey remotely supports NW Media Collective Inc. and its clients. Originally from Oregon, she is currently based in Vietnam after working in Germany, China and Cambodia. She has written and marketed content for financial news companies in Southeast Asia. Her work has appeared in the inboxes of thousands of e-newsletter subscribers and on major online financial news outlets like Forbes, The Street and Seeking Alpha
Kelsey Suski

Content / SEO Specialist

Dog headshot
Madi is usually hanging out upstairs eager to greet new visitors
Madi (Mads)

Front Desk

Awards Won

We've recently won Best in Business, Best of Clark County, and Top Digital Agency in Portland. We work hard to make sure each project is unique. Each business is unique and we want to help tell that story.

Happy Clients

We work hard to understand what the best solution is for each project. Not just turn and burn. We want long relationships with our clients and we work to help in their success from websites to video projects, print and more.

Maintenance Clients

Websites currently being backed up daily. We provide hosting, maintenance, and support for some of Oregon and Washingtons largest companies.

top portland developers
2018 vbj best in business award

At a bidding session for website contracts, two digital entrepreneurs collided.

After vying for the same contract, Web Developer Travis Buck and Videographer Abby Spyker went from being direct competitors to inspired collaborators. In 2013, they founded Northwest Media Collective, setting out to build slick websites while establishing meaningful and valuable relationships with clients.

The team of two quickly multiplied to include designers, writers, marketers, managers and, of course, more developers. A couple of office moves and several prestigious awards later, Northwest Media Collective has become a globally-reputable digital agency packing an outsized punch for its size.

Despite the agency’s rapid growth, we have remained true to Travis and Abby’s original goal: to build connections that matter both on and offline. Come meet our team, and together, let’s talk about how we can share your business to capture loyal audiences.

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