WordPress Websites

We can build websites on almost any platform, but prefer WordPress


We are listed as a Squarespace developer and can support your website here.


WooCommerce Experts

When it comes to selling online, we can help you put up a store that you will be able to edit. This is using the WordPress platform and Woocommerce extension for a shopping cart. Woocommerce powers more than 10% of all online e-commerce sites.

Website Repair

30% of our projects are fixes. Websites that come to us to repair something that stopped working.  Websites are like cars.  Parts fail over time, and regular maintenance is important.

Web Hosting and Email

Are you wanting to move to a new web host? We spend a lot of time moving sites to new hosting environments. One of our favorite web hosts is A2 Hosting.  The solid state drives give a real advantage to database driven sites like WordPress


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