Website Hosting

What type of web hosting do I need?


No two websites are the same. Every website has different needs when it comes to web hosting.  An E-commerce site will use more space than a small 3 page website.  Webhosting seems to be something everyone purchases from the first place recommended to them.

We have spent years… yes years moving websites around the web to various web hosts.  There seems to be a million choices out there.  In the last 5 years, we have narrowed it down to 2 web hosts we like to use.

Google has changed web hosting


It used to be that webhosting was something you purchased when you ordered a domain name. Most the webhosting companies offered the same deal. Now we have cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, and everything inbetween.

Websites today require a lot more. We have sliders, rotating pictures, and live feeds to social media. Websites are more complex than ever and now we have Google who expecs your site to still load fast and be secure. A lot of this starts at the hosting level.

guy standing infront of server

Where you host matters


You could build the most amazing website, and if you put the files onto a slow performing website your visitors will leave before seeing even 2 pages load. Most of the time when people come to us complaining that their site is slow or won’t load its a hosting problem. Simply migrating the site to a host with newer servers or newer PHP (code) will speed the site up.

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What are the different types of hosting?

There are different types of servers and hosting environments. This is a lot like choosing where your website will live.

Slow websites don’t just annoy web people like us, they annoy your visitors.

woman infront of slow laptop

Shared Hosting This is like an apartment.

VPS Hosting This is like owning a town home

Dedicated Hosting This is owning a house on the internet

Most people start out with Shared hosting. In a shared hosting environment the host puts a large number of users on a single server. By large number I mean over 1,000 users. These websites are your neighbors. If a website has faulty code it puts all the websites at risk. Shared is also the cheapest hosting environment and is seen as the starter hosting.

If your site is larger or has a good amount of traffic, a Virtual Private Server is a better option. A VPS is still a shared environment, but the way it is shared is very different. These are usually limited to 10-20 sites or neighbors. These plans are larger as well. You get more RAM and more processing power for your website.

Dedicated Hosting. This is a good option if your site is getting 100k visitors a month. Not only do you need resources for website performance, you need the bandwidth to handle all the visitors. It’s like you get a computer all on your own, many companies allow you to customise it extensively. You may be able to choose the amount and type of memory, the OS to install, and other hardware elements that make up a computer. The down side is you need a server administrator to help manage and set it all up. These are mostly for larger custom websites with a good amount of traffic.

Who do we recommend?

Smaller none performance websites
siteground hosting

For starter websites or websites that don’t have large amounts of traffic, Siteground Hosting is a great option. They have solid support which makes their hosting great for starter website sites. They offer a wide range of hosting, but we tend to stick with their shared hosting accounts

WordPress specific and security

One of the WP specific host we like the most right now is WP Engine. This is a WordPress only web hosting environment. It’s great since most of our sites are on WordPress. The hosting environment is unique and they have a list of disallowed plugins which keeps everyone safer. Its one of the fastest hosting platforms for WordPress. The cost however starts at 30.00 a month. Some might argue all businesses are worth 30/month for their website.

WordPress and performance websites

computer in the cloud
Fully Managed WordPress hosting. We’ve migrated, built, supported over 400 websites and hosting has always been an underlying issue. One of the services we offer now is a solution where we host your website. Along with hosting, we bundle in our maintenance package.